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H.O.P.E. provides an array of workforce assistance to Transitioning Military personnel, Veterans & Spouses, at-risk and economically disadvantaged populations, (re)entering the job market, Disabled career seekers, and we provide insight to high school Sophomores, Juniors and  Seniors about the needs and requirements of today’s workforce.

Our staff serves as confidential coaches and is compassionate about serving our clients. They utilize their diverse talents to guide jobseekers along their career path; whether their desire is to join the Armed forces, transitioning from the military into corporate America, enrolling in secondary education, obtaining a GED, preparing for the ASVAB test, or other specific industry requirements. No matter the path in which they choose, our ultimate goal is to prepare our clients to (re)enter and remain in today’s workforce.

We advise, facilitate and educate applicants on different career development resources that are offered and available.  These resources range from federal/state/local programs, Military Transition Assistance Programs, Local One-stop services, Department of Veteran Affairs programs, and other nonprofit organizations providing similar services. In addition, we provide useful and timely information about Post Secondary education and connect clients with college counselors to develop their postsecondary educational goals.   H.O.P.E serves clients around the nation; aligning their skill sets with potential career paths that match their qualifications.  We assess “what their skill sets currently are versus where they need to be”. Therefore, we provide a career lattice to each of our job seekers to outline career options and determine the best career path that meets their qualifications.

Helping Other People Excel is committed to the intellectual development of our clients and the economic empowerment of our community.  We give back what we all have been given “Chance and Opportunity –HOPE!!!


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