The Team

-Meet the team of H.O.P.E-

Yolanda J. Hendricks-Roach

President and Executive Director

A retired U.S. Army Sr. Non-Commissioned Officer and Service Disabled Veteran, Ms. Hendricks-Roach brings over 25 years of Human Resources experience with a strong focus on resume writing, Talent Acquisition, Workforce Change Management, Human Capital, and Project/Program Management. Having worked in the military, the Department of Defense (Pentagon, DIA, NSA, DCS, DINFOS), as a HR Consultant, and Director of Human Resource in Corporate America, she is well versed and understands the specific needs of the jobseeker and local businesses. Her knowledge and experience allows her to fully grasp the workforce development needs of our Veterans and Non-Veterans

Acting Director , Human Resources

Nikia Fisher

Program Coordinator/Community Affairs

Nikia manages many aspects of the organizations. She leads large scale-projects, monitors the volunteers and various programs within the organization while making/executing sound strategic decisions. Her philosophy is I can show you better than I can tell you. Ms. Fisher passionately strives towards constant improvement. She brings a lot to the organization with her leadership, organization and management abilities. She held positions within Corporate America and other non-profit organizations. Ms. Fisher constantly researches and develops new strategies in order to achieve H.O.P.E. organizational and operational goals.

Ashley Hendricks

Executive Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Ashley effectively performs the day-to-day operations of the office and provides administrative and business support to the Exec Director.  She reports directly to the President/Executive Director and Deputy and manages their complex schedules.  Her personality has been a valuable asset to the organization.  The first impression clients receives upon entering our organization is Ms. Hendricks.  Ashley has acquired technical experience in her previous positons of management. She attend Howard University and will obtain her degree on/or about May 2016.

Jarvis “Tony” Ashford

Director of Veterans Affairs/Board Member

As a retired U.S. Army First Sergeant and Service Disabled Veteran, Mr. Ashford brings over 27 years of knowledge and experience in Intelligence, leadership, mentorship, coaching and strategic planning.  As a well decorated Veteran, who has served in multiple combat deployments, his expertise and knowledge allows him to leverage his insight and capabilities to assist our Veterans.  Mr. Ashford oversees the Veterans, transitioning Military, Veterans, and Spouses programs.  He ensures that our servicemembers are receiving all the local, state, and federal assistance in which they have earned.

Christian Hendricks

Marketing Director and Public Relations

Christian is the marketing director at culture-shaping organization dedicated to inspiring people – H.O.P.E.  Christian is a result-driven and  highly experienced professional.  Christian  has over 7 years of experience in creating successful marketing and public relations campaigns for nonprofit, for profit organizations, and government agencies as well as through entrepreneurial efforts with his company.  Prior to coming to H.O.P.E., he founded Sagitta Marketing. Sagitta – a full service marketing firm consisting of 30+ employees and contractors. In 2012, Christian sold Sagitta and become a private marketing and business consultant, bringing forth creative and strategic solutions.
Christian has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Baltimore.  Christian is looking forward to assisting H.O.P.E. move its vision.

Dayvon Thomas


Marketing and Merchandising Coordinator

Mr. Thomas is no stranger to the Event Planning nor the Marketing Industry. He has assisted in the coordination and planning of events in government buildings such as in Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs (ICE) and with Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Dayvon is passionate about his craft and dedication to providing quality service to all of our clients.

Bridgett Creach

Program Coordinator/Community Affairs

Mrs. Creach is no stranger to the communities.  She is a highly experienced professional responsible for cultivating strategic partnerships with businesses, other nonprofit organizations and our state/local government agencies.  Bridgett interfaces regularly with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors. Mrs. Creach works with the various departments to develop and implement a comprehensive and innovative community outreach plan targeting individual, private, corporate, schools and other organization.  In addition to her valuable service at H.O.P.E., Bridgett founded the “Rise,LLC – Foreign Language Consulting”. She teaches Spanish to children and adults – specializes in interpretation and instruction.

Dr. Gary Yarbrough

Board of Advisors

An expert in the field of Non-Profit development, Dr. G Yarbrough is the C.E.O. and Founder of the Bethel Community Outreach Ministries, Inc. Dr. Yarbrough is a graduate of Westmoreland Community College, Geneva College, Point Park University, and The Graduate Theological Foundation. Dr. Yarbrough has successfully managed multiple aspects of the operational infrastructure of varies nonprofit organizations. He has been active in a wide array of local civic and charitable organizations and therefore brings a wealth of knowledge to Helping Other People to Excel, Inc.

He possess over 25 years’ experience as a member of the upper management staff for an International Corporation. During his tenure Dr. Yarbrough has created training documents, developed new programs, and managed projects. As a published author, educator and trainer, Dr. Yarbrough has published five manuals (books) for churches and non-profit organizations, which can be found on his website He has also published four additional books for certain fraternal organizations.

Currently Open Positions

Deputy Director

Director of Human Resources / Workforce Development

Director, Marketing

Client Relations Coordinator

Education Counselor

Director, In-Kind Donations / Workplace Attire


It’s a joy working with our partners. Their innovative ideas and continuous support has added to the success of our organization. We can accomplish a lot for our communities when we work as a unit.

Alexander L. Reefer

President/Executive Director, Entrepreneurs of America, Inc.

Founder and Executive Director of Entrepreneurs of America, Inc. (EOA), Mr. Alexander Reefer is invested in creating opportunities for individuals to become entrepreneurs, locally and around the world.  His strong passion inspires and empowers people to reach their full potential by assisting them step-by-step in their entrepreneurial journey.

Mr. Reefer formerly served on active duty in the United States Marine Corp.  Alex is a service disabled veteran and in addition to E.O.A, Alex currently serves as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of PTTC.  He keeps busy in giving back to the communities.  Mr. Reefer and his team expounds on all the programs, workshops and assistance which are provided to upcoming entrepreneurs on their website.  ( ).

Rashad Tarpley

President/Executive Director, Brothers In Arms, Inc.
Partner of Helping Other People Excel

Rashad Tarpley is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder for Brothers In Arms Incorporated and a Business Developer and board member for Helping Other People Excel. For the past 2 years Rashad has been working in the community, raising awareness to various issues that has gone unnoticed. He began working on several community boards as a volunteer prior to him founding Brothers In Arms, Inc. (non-profit). Rashad is a Minister of his church and has been active in his community for the past 7 years.  ( )


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